How to Create a Professional Estate Plan

We Keep the Legal Process Understandable

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We strive to keep the legal process simple and affordable. Our unique approach ensures we resolve your legal issues effectively and efficiently.

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1 Gather Key Estate Plan Details

As one example of our legal services, to complete an Estate Plan you simply complete the following steps: You answer a few questions such as who gets your stuff and who should oversee the process when you die on a Questionnaire we provide. You may answer these questions on your own or with our help.


2 An Attorney Prepares your Estate Plan

With your information in hand, our attorneys prepare your customized Estate Plan. The information you provide helps to ensure uncompromising quality while keeping costs down.


3 We Execute Your Estate Plan

Once your estate plan has been prepared, we will prepare a draft Estate Plan for you to review. Once you have approved the contents of your Estate Plan, we will meet at your home for a formal Signing Ceremony in order to execute and notarize each of the documents.


4 Transferring Assets into your Trust

The final step is to transfer assets into your Living Trust. This step is very important. We provide guidance to you so you can complete this process.  We are available to answer any questions you have as you fund your Living Trust.